Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thinking About Applique

Or is it procrastinating rather than starting a project? Hmmm....what do you think?

Today was another70 degree day in the Nation's Capital, and again, I spent it wistfully staring out the window of my third floor attic office. Tomorrow begins the 3 day telework run (I don't have to go back to the office until next Tuesday), and while the dogs are happy campers (no crates!), the weather is slipping back to winter and the 70s are gone. Figures.

To compensate, I've scheduled a rather entertaining weekend. We begin with Champagne and Crepes (or as my iPhone insists on entering in my calendar....'Champagne and Creeps') for the ladies' Friday Night Happy Hour. One of the ladies' mother is visiting from Sweden (or Denmark, or something like that), and her specialty is crepes, (I keep picturing the Sesame Street Chef when I think of this). My assignment for the night is to bring a bottle of Prosecco. Can it get any easier than that? Actually, I'm thinking of adding Chocolate to the mix...though I'm sure Susie will have that covered.

No bubbly hangovers for me, as I must behave (now I'm channeling Austin Powers) because I've got to be up in Frederick Saturday morning before 10 for an 'Honorary Quilt Buyer For a Day' seminar. A Northcott fabric rep will be presenting a trunk show, sneak peak of upcoming lines, Stonehenge designs, and a lesson on how fabric is made over a 4-hour session that includes not only lunch, but a 20% discount on Northcott fabrics. Oh, and did I mention that the seminar costs $5, and at the end you'll get a $5 credit on any Northcott purchases? Sweet. How could you not attend this?

Back to the applique world I've been living and breathing in for the past 4 weeks.

Which thread would you use for applique? The one on the left or the one on the right?

On the left is DMC Broder Cotton 50 wt. Single ply. Nice. On the right  is 100 wt. Superior Kimono Silk. The thread on the right is my thread of choice. It just disappears into my applique cottons.

Uh oh....looks like someone is out of Sz 11 applique needles. Time to try the new Clover Black Gold needles. And as it works out, I'll just happen to pass the JoAnn Fabric SUPERSTORE on Saturday on my way back from the seminar. And what a coincidence....needles are 50% off. Detour!

Shh.....pretend you didn't see all those.

Check back tomorrow to share in the Creeps and Champagne Crepes and Champagne fun. I'll also tell you why I spent a good part of this evening in the Safeway parking lot leaning up against my car with an idling police car blocking me in. (Before you panic...think....I'm typing this now, so I 'm not in jail :) ).

And, most importantly, if you haven't entered the pincushion giveaway, be sure to comment on Tuesday's post for your chance.


  1. So what are you appliqueing?

  2. Your Champagne and Creeps party made me laugh, as did the image of the Swedish Chef serving it! You cant go wrong bringing *more* chocolate :) Can't wait to hear the Safeway story....

  3. Hands down the Superior Kimono Silk thread. Beautiful for applique. Sounds like a fun Friday night party, take more chocolate, and have fun on Saturday - should be interesting.


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