Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where did the long weekend go?

Egads! It's over, and I still have much to do. Sadly, it's back to work tomorrow and I'll be spending a hectic week squeezing in decorating/quilting/cleaning/working. ( might want to distance yourself from me come Thursday...I'll likely be pretty testy by then.)

I've still got a couple hours left though, so I may squeeze in one more tree tonight.

But first, some photos of what I did get done over the past 3 days....not as much as I had hoped, but a start.

First tree up was the Tuscan tree in the master bath. All that's missing is a pretty bottle of Chianti to pose next to the wineglass. This is a tradition. I buy a very nice bottle of Italian wine and it sits there all season. This is the last tree that is taken down, and once it's put away, the wine is my reward for another holiday season's Herculean decorating efforts.

Next up was the beautiful, authentic retro aluminum tree. I really wanted blue ornaments on it, but the hubs would not go out to Baja Fresh for dinner last night (my little con to get him to drive past the shopping center where Michaels is...'oh, I need to run into Michaels, I'll just be a sec'). I was on my second glass of wine and decided to just bag it and use the red ornaments I had in the box.

And yes, it does have a color wheel. This is in the guest room. I just hope none of our December guests are lulled to sleep by the changing colors and leave the wheel running all night. (What's that smell? Do you smell burning plastic, hon?) Maybe I should put it on a timer.

Finally......the quilt studio. I spent a great deal of time on this one. While I have a little sewing tree, and I also have a shabby chic tree, whose colors would have been perfect for this room, I decided that this would be the best place for the snowman theme.

One reason being the Dept. 56 bag o'snow blizzard that this tree was unexpectedly caught up in.
I just love hurling snow, don't you?

Check out the 'tree skirt'. Pretty cool, eh? Boots. Not exactly the boots I was looking for, but what I wanted cost $50 (galoshes with buckles). I settled for a utilitarian pair of $14.99 rubber rainboots in my size.

Today we started with the dining room. A change-up from last year. The feather trees on the buffet are gold. I wanted gold ornaments but amazingly, I hardly had any, so I scavenged ivory (featuring my Margaret Furlong collection).

And we've moved the White Victorian and it's puffy lighted cloud mess o'tuille (which looks way cool when the lights are down) to the space formerly occupied by the vintage tree, which will most likely take over the living room this year.

Now, if we cheat and count the 2 trees on the buffet, we've got 7 trees up. Only 9 more or so to go.

Well, now I've only got an hour and a half left of the weekend. I had best get back to work. No rest for the weary....idle hands reap idle minds....blah, blah, blah.  Anyway, I need to check and see if the melted plastic smell is gone. (Seriously) I'm hoping it's from me touching a silk/plastic holly garland to one of the chandelier bulbs while I was trying it on for size and not the White Victorian trying out for the Wicked Witch of the West in the road production of Wizard of Oz. (That tree has some plastic needles mixed in it to give it a more realistic look.....and which ripped the heck out of my arms today when I was putting it up. I look like I tangled with a feral cat....long sleeves tomorrow, for sure.)


  1. I always laugh when one of the arguments for artificial trees is that they won't stick you. Well, maybe not stick, but certainly scratch, scrape and if you catch the needles just right on your finger slice.

    Love, love, love the rubber boots. I always enjoy seeing how you finish the bottoms of your trees.

  2. As always your trees are beautiful and very original. Love the "boots" tree skirt. HOpe the rest of your decorating goes well !

  3. Thanks ladies. On further reflection I think he needs longer arms to go with his huge feet. Too bad it's raining today (AGAIN...arrggghhh!), or I'd run out on the grounds at work and find suitably sized replacements.

  4. Wow! That's a lot of trees! I'm doing good to get 1 up.

    ttfn :) Yuki


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