Thursday, February 5, 2009

No-Sew Valentine's Heart Garland - Materials List

I'll be posting my first tutorial this weekend for this easy to make Valentine's Heart Garland....but first I need to make another that I remember to photograph as I'm working.

If you'd like to gather your materials, here's a list of what you'll need:

Valentine print fabrics (a fat quarter in a few different prints will be way more than enough, or if you sew, check your scraps. I used 4 red prints and 2 pink)

a quarter yard of a solid red or some other print to use for the backs of the hearts

a craft-sized project package of the blanket-type quilt batting, or you can buy it by the yard at JoAnn--a quarter yard will do you (do not get the fluffy stuffing-like batting. You need the kind that's a nice smooth sheet)

a package or a yard of Wonder Under or some other type of fusible web used for crafts and applique

some string/yarn/ribbon to string it together (I bought the skeins of crochet thread at Michaels. It's with the embroidery floss, only it's thicker and it's twisted into a hank. Sells for $1.39 each. One is plenty unless you want to be fancy and use multiple colors.)

a doll needle (this is a thick needle with a very large eye which will allow you to thread 3 of the crochet threads at a time or a thin ribbon through the needle's eye)

buttons or beads to dangle from your hearts

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  1. You are motivating me! I stopped at our small JoAnn's after work last night and bought everything I need (I hope!). So, I am anxiously awaiting your tutorial.



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