Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Black and White Challenge Project

To show that I'm not slacking, I'm attaching a photo of a work in progress. The plan is to make a throw for my daughter using a black and white jelly roll she gifted me for Christmas this year. To spice it up, I'm going to sash in red and the backing is a most excellent Moda red with white print.

I've got 4 block patterns going, two opposites in each pattern (swapping black for white in the pattern I'm using).

The plan is to use the 2-1/2" strips to create 8 striped blocks and 8 checkerboard squared blocks as well. Though I may need to cut that to a smaller number once I see how it's working out size-wise.

No real pattern here, just using some of the Thangle block patterns from the 2007 Thangles BOM. (I love using Thangles--so much cheaper than rotary cutter blades and band-aids).

Two more blocks to put together for the 2008 Thangles BOM. Need to find a good print fabric for that one. Lots of wild colors going on there. (It's the swatch ring on the far right). Last night I started on the final two blocks, and tonight I'll finish them and post a photograph of the 12 blocks.
Considering that I still haven't put together the 2007 Thangles BOM (swatch ring on far left), it's time I finished something before I run up to 'far north' Frederick this weekend to pick up the first block in the 2009 series. I really don't want to become a collector of unfinished pieces of quilts. I'd much rather be known for finishing what I started (hmm.....wait.....how many half finished needlepoint and crewel projects are in a box in my basement right now, and have been there for 30 years?).
Well, I'm not going to be an 'old dog'. It may be too late for those needlework projects, but I will finish every quilt I've started this year. (fingers crossed)
(........Well, ............maybe not ALL those Baltimore Album applique blocks... )

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