Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brownie Mania

Have you seen the Wilton endcap in Michaels that is filled with really cool brownie accessories? (What?, you ask....brownie ACCESSORIES?....what could you possibly need other than a pan and a brownie mix?).

I used my 50% off coupon and bought a brownie bowl pan. It bakes your brownies into little hollowed out mounds that you then fill with ice cream, or fruit (bor-ing!), or better yet....chocolate mousse...yeah, that's the ticket....chocolate mousse topped off with whipped cream.

I may have to invent something that I can call 'hot brownie volcanoes'.

Anyway, I bought a batter stirrer, which is pretty nifty, a cool ridged brownie cutter (no more boring straight edge cuts on my brownie squares), some ultra cool powdered sugar dyed pink and blue (as DH pointed out...too bad you aren't having a baby shower...I never would have thought of that), and a pack of stencils to use with the colored powdered sugar (now how do they do that...colored powdered sugar).

I am going to be be a brownie-making machine this week. And I'm not even a real brownie fan...it's just that all the accessories were so cute that I couldn't resist. But I did pass over the individual brownie boxes (for gifting those brownies--seriously, I can't think of a single occasion where I received a brownie as a gift).

Fortunately, I had a gift card burning a hole in my wallet (from DD's boyfriend), so I could justify spending just under $40 on accessories to use on a $1 box of brownie mix.

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