Saturday, August 22, 2015

Off on Various Tangents -- Creative Deprivation

Having spent a week in Minnesota, away from my studio, finding no quilt shops, I was feeling quite restless. The hand sewing just doesn't cut it, especially when it's mostly embroidery with black thread. That just just gets old.

On one of my last days there I found this really cute pincushion on Facebook, so I decided that this was going to be my project the day I got back. (Heck with everything else).

A quick trip to Michaels for some unusual colored craft felt (not something I had in my woolfelt stash), and some supersize googly eyes, and wah la...

He turned out pretty well.  I think you do much better work when you've been away from it for a bit.

Shortly after that, I decided to work on some more pincushions.  They are going to be elephants.  For the Etsy shop. (Obviously that thrill was short-lived--they're stashed in a basket at the moment.) Maybe tomorrow I'll get back to working on them.  Or maybe next weekend. Or maybe something better will show up on Facebook......

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