Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm Gonna Miss This Quilt!

I'm really enjoying this block-a-week project, Aiming for Accuracy (see link on sidebar). Of course, I wind up waiting until the day the next block is being released to work on the block from the previous week (I just learned from watching Jeopardy that this is the result of my being addition to being borderline obsessive-compulsive....and apparently now a psychiatric hypochondriac).

So, today I finished these three little blocks at the bottom of a previously finished block:

And now, the design wall looks like this:

The blocks released today go across the bottom of the quilt. I'm hoping to get those done well in advance of next Thursday, but track record not withstanding, it's likely not going to happen that way.

Not sure I mentioned it, but Tucker had his first grooming a couple of weeks ago. The best way to describe it is that he went in looking like a throwback to the 60s hippie,

and he came out as the captain of the high school football team.

Tucker is the largest, most solid chihuahua I've seen. Clearly there is 'big dog' somewhere in that lineage, as we barely feed the guy and he only gets half a treat at a time. Maybe he needs thyroid medication. Since the haircut, I've taken to calling him 'Butch'--it just seems to fit.

Back to the subject of quilting.....Vintage Rouge won a blue ribbon at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair in the applique quilt category. Surprisingly, it beat out a Baltimore Album.

This is the first time I had a quilt judged, so it was very interesting to see how it stacked up

Guess I need to work on my binding.  How perfect that I just discovered that I have one of the original copies of Mimi Dietrich's 'Happy Endings' book that was recently re-published. And I've also got her book 'Borders & Bindings'. Guess they both need to be relocated to the nightstand.

(Or maybe the magazine basket in the master bath would offer a better chance they'd be read).

Happy Friday!

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  1. Yay! blue ribbons! I don't think anybody gets away from a judging without a binding comment. Sheesh. It's the last little thing. Let it go already. I say that as I constantly try to get better bindings. Lane


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