Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday -- A Bit More Productive

I managed to finish cutting the background fabric for class Friday, and I also packed up my machine and supplies. If I feel the need to use a machine between now and then I can always call in the reserves....

I so need to paint that cabinet if I'm going to keep it (and replace the hardware too!). It's one of those things I'd like to get out of the studio, but then the minute I get rid of it I'll probably regret it. It pulls out and folds out to a sewing surface--the machine is on a hydraulic lift, and it would just be perfect for my little beach house where I don't have a dedicated studio (ha ha dream on!). Whatever. I'm sure it'll continue to sit here for another 5 years before I get around to doing something with it.   But here's a neighbor has finally finished refinishing a bunch of furniture for her daughter....once she's back from vacation she'll probably be suffering woodstain withdrawal and I might have just the thing to take care of her jonesing to sand something,,,
The studio orchids are super glad they don't live outside

The top one was a birthday gift from my daughter. I have not owned such a prolific bloomer as this one. Hoping it always blooms this way.

The cyclamen aren't doing as well as in the past. The ones from 2 Christmas' ago that bloomed every day are down to only having one or two leaves, though they still manage a bloom now and again, and this years just aren't thriving. I'm not sure they're supposed to bloom year long, so maybe they're tired.

There is something about the light here...the magnolia tree outside the studio window is on it's 3rd bloom since Spring, and I expect we'll see more after this. (The magnolia in the backyard blooms once each year)

The tomato plants on the porch, weeny as they are, have already had juicy red tomatoes plucked from them (yum!), and we don't normally see tomatoes until August.

The Studio Sweep was successful, though it took 2 days...
There's nothing better than a lovely, clean, fresh room to retreat to while the rest of the house is in shambles. I need a cleaning lady...oh wait, I have's supposed to be me :(
Well, inspired by all this beauty, I think I'm going to tackle cleaning my workroom now. It's a certified disaster area...if I had yellow tape, I'd criss cross it across the doorway. Right now I only go in there to pick up paper from the printer and to iron, and then, only when I don't have room on my cutting table to set up my little ironing board. (It's that bad)  I'd like to do a little Christmas in July crafting, so I should prepare my workspace to facilitate that. Check back tomorrow for the Before and After of the Big Workroom Sweep.

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