Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stitch, Cough, Clean, Sniffle, Stitch

Well, it's Day 9 of the Mystery Viral Disease from Roanoke. (I swear, if that man brings something back from Dover he will be taking up residence in the garage.)  I just want it to end. I want my energy back. Today worked out to be a waste of a perfectly good Saturday...I started cleaning, wound up in the studio, repotted one of the plants, started to dust, daughter brought over some mending so I did that for her, then mended my own basket full of stuff, then I wound up rearranging my button boxes and watching news coverage of the crash landing in San Francisco. Here it is, almost midnight, and I've got maybe an hour's or two worth of work to show for the day. Hopefully tomorrow turns out to be more productive. Maybe the trick is not to sit.

Oh, I did label the '6th of Jul'y table runner for my daughter. Printed a label for mine, but didn't bother to sew mine on since it's not going anywhere.

And I have managed to 'sew every day' so far this month. This is the second block in the Aiming for Accuracy Quilt Along:

I was pretty excited earlier this week when the Fed Ex guy came and he wasn't delivering any boring old cover artwork for work...

Wowsers! The Aurifil Thread Collection I won arrived. And just in time too because as I was pulling together the supplies for my Mariner's Compass class on Friday I realized I didn't have the right shade of blue in a 50 wt in my thread drawer... but this collection saved the day, because it had just what I need.

And speaking of thread, I've had this itch to quilt with 'glitter' thread. I've got a table quilt ready that is likely going to my daughter's classroom, so that seems the perfect opportunity to practice/try this out. If it doesn't work out, it's not a big deal...these 4th graders aren't going to be doing any critiques. I stopped at JoAnn on my way home from the office on Wednesday to take advantage of their 50% off thread deal, and I picked up this Sulky holographic thread.

And those rayon blue spools in the back are bonus purchase....Sulky is apparently discontinuing a bunch of colors so JoAnn has them marked down to $1.97 a spool. I walked to the register with about 20 spools of thread, but then I was able to wrestle control of my mind and body from the thread crazy alien possessing me and I only purchased the 3 spools of indigo rayon to use on my indigo quilt....or maybe on my mariner's compass.

I'll let you know how quilting with that holographic thread works out. I have a suspicion that I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

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