Thursday, January 10, 2013

Last Chance to Win the Snowman Pincushion

Be sure to navigate down to the original contest post below and leave a comment for your chance to win. Entries close at midnight tonight.

While I am chomping at the bit to start quilting Vintage Rouge....especially after I borrowed a quilting book from our Guild Library on Monday and in reading, finally had the bright idea to see if my chair could be adjusted higher so that I was at the right height to wrangle that big baby through my domestic machine---SURPRISE! It does. (Where has my head been for the past couple of years?).....

.....I decided to spend a couple of hours and play cut and fuse catch-up with my wool applique banner-a-month project. As you can see, I'm three months behind (December/January/February). Actually, I'm FOUR months behind because while I'm done stitching November, I haven't blanket stitched around it after I fused the backing and the sleeve to it.

At any rate, I've now got some hands stitching to grab if I decide to hang out with the hubs on the couch...which is not going to be happening's 7:30 and while I've been up here prepping those banners, it has not occurred to him to start dinner. What has occurred to him was to come home from work, slip into his 'loungewear' and plant his ass on the couch and watch whatever violent shoot-em-up, cut-em-up, murder people TV show he most recently added to the collection on the DVR. Fortunately, he has yet to pop his head into the studio asking when I'm planning to fix dinner. Maybe it was the 47 pair of scissors and rotary cutters I had laid out on the cutting table when he last walked by.

The studio is in full bloom today. Even the Christmas Cactus (second from the left) has decided to bloom, albeit a bit late this year. Can't complain. And this weekend our temps are going to be in the 60s, and almost 70 on Sunday. Beats the heck out of snow, and while I know we can't expect Spring in January, I will definitely be out in the driveway in my flip flops washing my wheels this weekend. A worthy project to back-burner Vintage Rouge for.

Not a lot of progress on the undecorating..though I did rid the studio of Christmas. I blew out the vacuum trying to suck up a bag of fake snow last week. Wanting instant gratification I ordered a vacuum online. Who knew that it was going to be shipped from the West Coast and take a week to arrive.

It's scheduled to appear tomorrow, so I can finally return the house to some semblance of 'clean'. The rest of the trees, flocked and snowed on, will be cleaned up after with the shop vac, when I finally get around to undecorating them. I'm thinking I should set a goal of undecorating the remaining trees when we have a snow day.....that would most definitely insure that we would NOT have a snow day this winter. Hmmm......

Anyway, let's just hope the vacuum delivery doesn't get left out on the porch when the Hancocks of Paducah delivery arrives first and I quit watching for the FedEx guy to arrive.

Check back tomorrow for our pincushion winner. Project Runway is on tonight, so I'll be piddling around in the studio glued to the set for the rest of the night (though I may need to run out to McDonalds to grab a bite to eat....I don't hear any activity in the kitchen.....sigh).


  1. Your flowers are beautiful! And your little banners are so cute~ I didn't even know there was a banner of the month pattern. Is it a book or kits? Sorry your vacuum bit the snow. ;-) Have a good evening! Maybe your hubby won't even notice he didn't have dinner~ 'we already ate hon, you were so distracted by tv I didn't think you were paying any attention'. :-D

  2. I hope your husband cooked you dinner, or at least ordered a take a way!! Thanks for making me laugh.

  3. I laughed out loud at your description of your husband. I think a lot of us are going to find that very familiar. I need to buy a new office chair that will go even higher. Mine is a handmedown and the hydraulics slowly droop, the more I sit in it and I have to remind myself to raise it. Be well. Lane


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