Wednesday, January 23, 2013

7 Blocks Down, 42 to Go

It's in progress, and it's slow going. I'm not really sure how to avoid all the over-stitching. Do I outline first and then do the grid, or do I not outline and overstitch where necessary while doing the grid? I started that way but I found I was leaving an inch here and there unquilted.


It's really confusing when I'm working on those multi patch blocks with diagonals and little four-patches. I did a couple of those and decided to just go through the quilt and knock out the diagonal grid squares.

This is also the first quilt that I've buried threads on, and I'm doing that on both sides whenever I cut a thread (the Quilt Police would be proud).

3 blocks last night, 4 blocks tonight...should be finished in a couple of weeks.

Goodnight! It's obscenely cold outside, so I'm going to snuggle into bed with some quilty reading, 1 warm hubs and 2 warm, furry pups.


  1. Your quilt is beautiful. I love the colors and movement.

  2. I also made Vintage Rouge and it sure it a big quilt ! Your quilting is going to be just amazing when you are done. Looking forward to watching your progress .


I appreciate and look forward to your comments. Thanks for reading. Happy quilting!