Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just North of Baltimore

So, this is how we left Baltimore. Mr. Squirrel got a perch, the fall wreath got a ribbon. The rosebud wreath is going to get a bigger dimensional flower, and there are 3 new blocks that I think I'm satisfied with.

Maybe not the dimensional flower I stuck in the center of that bouquet.

A new tree to replace the berry tree that I thought was out of proportion.

And another bunch of posies to balance the first.

Progress....Squirrel got a perch, a new tail, and a little leaf rearrangement. Fall  wreath got a ribbon, and the actual tree has been appliqued, leaving just the leaves and the birds to finish that one up. Looking goo d. If I can keep up the momentum I'll at least have all the blocks ready for my last class on June 6th. If I were Superwoman on Amphetamines, I'd also have all of the setting blocks appliqued.

Baby block at a time. I'll likely have a couple of doctor appointments next week, so I should make some good progress sewing in waiting rooms.

Yes, I did finish up the 1st part of the Vintage Rouge BOM project. It's a good feeling to have the homework ready for the next class the night after the first.

And then, as another distraction and excuse to avoid the Baltimore, the Merry Mayhem MAQ mystery clue was released on the 15th, and by the end of the night, I'd completed that work as well.

Here's how they look with the blocks from the previous clue.

Check back tomorrow to get in on the giveaway I promised a couple of posts ago. I'm off to hopefully finish a Baltimore block (for lack of a 'better' quick turn project).


  1. Love all your applique blocks. That's a lot of work. You should link up over at Angie's

    She has Applique Thursday every week.

  2. Wow...those blocks are wonderful...going to be an awesome quilt!

  3. Those look fabulous! It's going to be an amazing quilt!

  4. Oh my, Billie was right - what beautiful applique! And the pieced blocks are awesome too. I'm glad I stopped by. Thanks for posting such eye candy.

  5. Oh my, you've been busy. I am totally in awe of your Baltimore blocks, the aaplique is wonderful.

  6. I envy your ambition with the Baltimore blocks...just can't get myself motivated to do one....but being a Marylander, well you know!


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