Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Weekend Wasn't a Total Loss

Life has a way of turning things upside down, and the much anticipated 3-day weekend I had been looking forward to crashed and burned.

While it was most definitely a loss, it wasn't a total loss, and I was able to finish the scrappy pumpkins quilt top:

And once again, I veered off the beaten path and tired my hand at redwork:

The year before last I had a Mary Engelbreit Carolers jelly roll and charm pack. I used some quickand easy  Eleanor Burns pattern I had picked up at the show in Houston and whipped out a Christmas quilt for my MIL  I took the leftover fabric, added a little high quality muslin and turned out another lap-size quilt, with the intent of using my new machine embroidery to fill in the 18 blocks. (ha ha....what a dreamer I was/am).

Instead, it was folded  into the closet, waiting for me to discover Redwork. Looked easy, just needed to find some patterns, which I did today when I made a pity party trip to JoAnn and Hancock (I started too late, otherwise it would have been a much better pity party that also included G Street and Needles and Pins). So, one block down, 17 to go.

I picked up a couple of great magazines at JoAnn. Sew Beautiful has a pretty wild tape measure tote on the cover that I picked up 8 tape measures to attempt making....but then I realized that I could purchase a kit, which is the new plan, so I'll need to make a return trip to JoAnn (such a shame) .

The other mag is called 'magicpatch' and it's a UK publication. While it's only 50 pages, it had a great table runner and some pretty interesting mini quilt patterns. Watch this space and you'll see at least one of them in the near future. (Yep, another U-turn on the path to finishing something.)

Right now my pile has 4 quilts to be sandwiched. The only big one is the Halloween quilt, so I really need to get off my butt and get that done. I'll put that on the list, right after figuring out what the homework is that's due Sunday for the Baltimore Album class. .

Maybe I'll get a chance to take the field trip I was tempting you with next Saturday.  Sadly, family got in the way of fun this weekend. Won't happen next weekend.

I'm going to try to get at least one of those quilts finished this week...even though it's already a third over. What are your goals?


  1. I love the pumpkin quilt. The colours are just gorgeous.

    Sorry you had a rotten weekend, but I hope things are picking up again now?

  2. Glad you were able to work on a few projects, those pumpkins are adorable!!!

  3. Love the pumpkin quilt. Your Redwork birdie is cute. Isn't it funny how some projects just evolve?
    My plans? a few hexagons...working on my dresden plate round robin...and finishing a scarf because in the midst of all these quilts I decided I needed to hone my dormant knitting skills. Oh and the gals at Patches talked me into working on some apple cores.
    Well you asked.

  4. my plans....survival!! lol!!

    You always have so much going on! I've got my latest quilt on the frame, need to get it done to take to the guild meeting for a demo. Waiting on a shipment of 80/20 so I can start working on the 5 client quilts I have stacked up. Just finished 5 for one person!! And, I really should post on the old blog....



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