Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September Catch Up and OPAM Finishes....And The Wedding Looms Closer

The countdown is T minus 9 (9 days to the wedding....9 days to World peace....10 days to a triumphant return to the studio (there's a brunch to host the day after). Of course then the countdown begins anew for a week in Florida, and once back from that I'm sure I'll be counting down to's always something. I'd just like to win the lottery this week and throw a ton of money at all my problems and obstacles and let it all solve itself while I sit back and play in my studio. But sadly, my chances of being hit by an errant satellite returning to earth are far better than my chances of winning Powerball (1 in 3250 compared to 1 in 195,249,053). Hmmm....if you get hit by an errant satellite returning to earth, can you sue NASA for a $49 million jackpot?   I might be on to something here.

Okay, so here's what I've been up to in the 3 weeks I've been missing.... I finished a homework block for the Baltimore Album quilt...another papercut block.

And then I went to class the second week of September and came back and finished a leaf block which is the homework for next month (because I won't be able to attend the October class).

I even learned myself how to make a ruched rose....

And in class we learned how to make folded buds.

And I even attempted my first bird.

Feeling worthless for having not been in the studio for 2 weeks (for which my poor Christmas cactus paid dearly....not quite as 'cactusy' as one would think....did not like not having any water for an extended period of time...not sure if I did lasting damage, time will tell), this past weekend I decided to grab the smallest quilt project and sandwich and quilt it. Look closely....see those little red nubs? I tried out Pinmoors. I think I like them, but it took 50 to pin this tiny little table top quilt, so clearly you need about a hundred more to pin a 'real' quilt. (They're on my Amazon wishlist for the hubs to pick up for my Christmas stocking).  He came in curious as to what they were. Then he says....:"you know, you could just buy those little licorice nibs and use those, and then when you take the pins out, you can just EAT THEM!"  You know, he might be on to something there, and if I didn't think I'd have to wash my pins when I was done, I might give that a try.

Still on the Glory Road to instant gratification, I decided to knock out yet another Baltimore Album block, especially since the wait in the Retina Specialist's office is always over an hour in the waiting room and almost another half hour in his chair. (I think there should be a law that if a doctor makes you wait more than 15 minutes for an APPOINTMENT they should pay you for your time. I mean, really, if I don't come to my appointment, they are going to charge me for inconveniencing why is it not a two-way street?

I was also able to take a break the Saturday before last and go to Creative Saturday at Needles and Pins, where we made little redwork-type Christmas ornaments as our 'make and take'. I really liked that whole backstitch thing, so I came home with the above pattern and everything I needed to execute it (though I'm not making little bags..I'm going to frame them). It's a ragged linen kind of fabric you stitch on, then it's stitched to wool felt. The pattern is from Crabapple Hill and it's #312 Trick or Treat Bags if you're interested in a sitch-along with me.

Sunday night I used my sewing machine to make placecards for the wedding. Which reminds me...gotta remember to change the needle. I did find that I had missed one, of course I put everything away, so I can't move on until I pull it all out and make the one missing card.

I bought this cute pattern at the September Creative Saturday and had hoped to make a cute little supply caddy to take to my class with.....get ready.....SHARON SCHAMBER!!!....Sunday. It's only Tuesday, so I'm not ruling it out yet (and I'm also not ruling out Happy Hour this Friday, so that could be a problem).

Finally, I'm still on the quest for wedding shoes. I sucked it up and bought a dress last week...took a day off work and went shopping with my neighbor. It cost way too much money and it needs to be hemmed. (But if I'm ever invited to an awards show, or go on a cruise, I'm set....I've got a long dress). Which is why I'm needing to have the shoes thing crossed off the list this week. Found a pair at Marshall's last night, in black, bought them, and decided to drive up to Frederick to see if I could find them in gray. And bonus that there's a quilt shop across from the Marshalls and they have Presencia thread on sale for $2.50 a spool.  Okay, so I'm a  Thread Whore...der. Sue me.

Just wanted to post some OPAM finishes, check in with you all, and let you know that the giveaways will be caught up and resume AW (after wedding). I'll definitely be blogging on my Sharon Shamber class Sunday night, so if I don't see you before then, have a great weekend!


  1. Your work is lovely. The ruched rose is Beautiful!

    I cannot wait to see wedding pictures. Enjoy!

  2. I was wondering how you were. You weren't on my weekly catchup reading blog list. NOW I know where you've been and boy have you been busy!! Good to see the "event" is just about behind you. Enjoy the week after, you've earned it. The ruched rose and folded buds are way cool!! I'm impressed!! You have got to post about the Sharon Schamber class!!!!!!! SUPER COOL!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do something like that!! Everything else looks good...good luck surviving the next few days...

  3. love your pumpkins! actually, love it all!


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