Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last Chance for April

Last day of April. Hopefully it's all May flowers from here on out.

I'm just popping in to offer you one final chance to enter the April Giveaway for the Think Spring paper piecing pattern. I'll be in a short workshop with Mimi Dietrich tomorrow afternoon so I'll try to announce the winner tomorrow evening.

My daughter and I went to Filene's Running of the Brides yesterday....I was not impressed, and we did not leave with a dress. It was definitely interesting....a bunch of women standing around in their underwear in the middle of Filene's Basement while guys who worked there and guys who did not were walking about. Seriously, you just flung off your clothes and had your friends load you into dresses. Dresses that were in various states of clean, some missing parts, some without sizes, hung in  plastic zip up bags on about 59 rolling racks,  in no specific order of size or style (and I use the word 'style' rather loosely) . Most were $499.99...marked down from anywhere from $1500-$6000 (and honestly, I was having a hard time believing that some of them actually ever sold for those prices, which might explain why they are at Filene's...think wedding gown outlet store. )

The important thing to remember was 'no refunds/no exchanges', and while I don't know a whole lot about wedding gowns, and have yet to go to a 'real' bridal store, I have to think there's something nicer for our $500 in an actual bridal store...along with a woman who will bring my daughter dresses in a dressing room (where she doesn't have to try them on over a pair of shorts her friend has run to the Jr.s department to snag so she doesn't have to stand out in the middle of the store in her panties). A 'boobologist' who will stick enhancements in her strapless bra to provide the necessary cleavage, while her friends and I sit in upholstered furniture sipping wine. (do ya think I might watch too much reality TV (Jersey Couture)?  I'm going to wind up driving her to Jersey to Diane & Co., I know it!). Sigh....

Well, she did have fun, and got to try on some dresses to give her some idea of the dress type she's looking for.  All was not lost. (Except the $9.00 we had to pay to park at Filene's Basement....seriously, what's up with that???!!! Since I'm shopping at a discount store, I can afford to pay $9.00 to park? Whatever!)

Today I picked up my circular embroidery attachment and I am dying to use it, but tomorrow's another day, and right now I need to take my Tylenol and put myself to bed.

Have a lovely Sunday....good luck in the drawing!


  1. Wedding dress shopping sounds like quite an experience! Never fear. She will find the perfect dres.

  2. I always wondered if the Filene's Basement experience was worth it. It so very much sounds like it's not. While you're less $9 for parking in their own lot, you can say you've had the experience.

    I must say it's really creepy about men who do not work there walking around.

  3. I've never shopped for a wedding dress yet recall a TV crime show set at Filene's Basement. I call it the Running of the Brides. Always wondered what it would be like -- the glass of wine and a salesperson that waits on you sounds much more fun!

  4. I agree with you I'd rather be at a Bridal Shop sipping wine, while the sales ladies fussed over my daughter - and shouldn't she get that while shopping for The Wedding Dress. Always wondered about the running for bridal gowns. Have fun with circular attachment. I want to make the Libby Lehman wallhanging that uses the circular attachment. Put it on the list of things I want to make.


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