Thursday, April 28, 2011

Final April OPAM Finish

Sorry, I've been a little under the weather the past couple days, but I wanted to post a quick update and give you another chance to enter the giveaway for the paper piecing pattern.

Let's start with my OPAM finish (Hi Peg!) No name yet, but it will somehow include 'Mexican Star' I really liked this pattern and the whole curving thing it's got going on (nope, not an illusion, there are actually pieces that are dimensional that have been bowed and stitched into curves)

What's left on the design wall are these pieces from the 'WInding Ways' experiment in non-contrast. I'm wondering if there's some way to somehow use those on their own?

Of course, I was feeling well enough to go on a strip piecing jag for the rest of the Winding Ways last night.

Last, but not least, leaving you with a photo of our Easter desserts. I made the bunny cake (tuxedo Peeps and choc dipped berries...which were leftover from my contribution to Happy Night last weekend), my daughter made the cake pops.

The wedding planning has had it's ups and downs (more like working in a mine). We've made a little progress and tomorrow is Filene's crazy bridal gown madness event, which I've encouraged my daughter to attend, even if it's not until  after work that she can finally get there . Who knows, she might find something. She's bringing two friends, so I'm not sure I need to attend, though she has said I need to go because I'll tell her if something looks bad on her or not. Ummm.....let's see, after the last week sharing my feelings about venue and costs, and wondering if the resulting backlash isn't somehow related to my need for medical attention, I can assure you that I most definitely am not going to tell my daughter that the bustle on this dress makes her butt look big, or that this bustier makes it look like she has back fat. Her friends can do that with far less drama.

I hope to be in tip top form for the weekend as I've got the first of a monthly mini-workshop on Baltimore Applique with Mimi Dietrich on Sunday and I'm also hoping to get in a little garden clean-up. It's been pretty hot here for a few days and I was forced to turn on the A/C (yep, furnace/heat pump was finally fixed). A/C in April!!!!! Outrageous!!!! Forecast for the weekend is reasonable, so I'll be shutting it off tomorrow.

What are your plans? Anyone planning to watch the Royal Wedding?


  1. Looks like you got allot of piecing done. Quilts looking good. Hope you are feelihng better.

  2. Go look at the wedding dresses. You will know from the your daughter's face when she finds the right one.

  3. Oh...I love what is on your design wall...sorry you have not been feeling well....

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your leftovers!
    I've just watched the royal wedding - I thought Kate's dress was fabulous!

  5. Sorry you haven't been feeling well, I hope you're recovering now?

    I love your Mexican Star quilt. Is that your own design?


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