Sunday, November 14, 2010

Need I Say More?

The view from the kitchen/dining area. Not to shabby to look at while washing dishes.

The hubs walks down to the beach to check out the late afternoon water tempertures (a little cold for swimming)

At any rate...HI EVERYONE!!  Been in sunny F-L-A since Thursday and this is the first halfway decent internet connection we've been able to lasso in since we've been here. It's been a fast few days of softball/quilt shops/karaoke bars, and I am a very tired camper right now having been out late last night, and sitting in a car driving across state all afternoon. We've been out to dinner with the inlaws and tomorrow is a whirlwind first day of the one and a half we'll be spending here in beautiful Melboune Beach.

A couple of shops to hop tomorrow, some sun to soak up, hanging out with the family. I've seen a dolphin (Ft. Myers Beach), but have yet to see a gator. This may require a trip to Brevard Zoo. We shall see.

But hell with the gator.....while enjoying a lovely breakfast yesterday morning at the Heavenly Biscuit, who should walk in but none other than Captain Jack Sparrow. Now you tell get up at 7:30, go for a nice relaxing beach walk, and you stop at a little shop on your way back that makes homemade biscuits, layers on the bacon, egg, cheese and a thick slice of juicy fresh-picked tomato (we are in Florida), while waiting for your biscuit, you're nibbling on a homemade cinnamon bun, and the icing on that cinnamon roll is suddenly usurped by a surprise appearance of a pretty decent Johnny Depp lookalike hanging around waiting for his breakfast on his way to his daily grind job of performing on a pirate ship cruise. Now this is the life!

 Enjoy you weather, whatever it be, and take it easy. Tomorrow's Monday....only 4 to go until the weekend :) I'll be thinking of you while I'm walking on the beach tomorrow morning.


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying my beautiful state and I hope you see a gator!

  2. What an amazing view!! I am so jelous!!! Especially since we just got 17" of snow!!


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