Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't Give Up On Me Yet

It's been a little hectic since I got back from FL. Lots of merchandising work and trying to get ready for Thanksgiving. I've got some great projects to share and some fantastic fabric to show you, I've just been way too tired these past couple nights to do anything more than curl up in bed with a quilt mag and drift off to sleep.

The Follower Appreciation Giveaway this month will happen, and I'm going to give away one of the cupcake pincushions. Photo and details to post by the weekend, so please check back.

In the meantime (and I'm not up in the studio, I'm down in the office). Let me entertain you with an amusing little discovery I made today during lunch with my daughter....

I had to run up to her school at lunchtime to pick up the turkey fryer for Thursday (we're roasting and frying). As reward for picking this up from her Aunt's house and hauling it down my way, I brought her lunch. And I also brought her a few quilts to share with her class, which she has assigned a paper 'applique' project to. She wanted them to see some examples of traditional quilt blocks and applique to give them some ideas.

Anyway...hopefully we'll be able to see how that went.

While I'm sitting there, I'm noticing that she has set up an historical timeline on the wall, and within the years denoted, there are drawings the kids have made depicting the event in that timeframe. I have to say, 1882 caught my eye:

 Yes, those would be the immigrants deplaning from the American Airlines jumbo jet. Note the luggage train. Also note the planes lined up on tthe tarmac off to the right.

Further down the timeline they recognize the Wright  Brothers first flight. Sadly, Wilbur and Orville must have missed the 1882 American Airlines flight....or maybe they didn't.....hmmm....

We move on to something that most of us probably don't think about, and that's the fact that most kids have no idea what 9/11 is. My daughters students were babies, and it's not like it's something your mom and dad sit you down and talk to you about. It's not something  you'd be anxious to tell your children about, so many of her students have no clue.

But a few of them do, and this is what comes to their mind for 9/11:

Note the four people who have jumped head first out of the buildings. It's not like you would tell your kids that this is what happened, and it's not like that's something the kids would read in 4th grade history books. But to a 4th grader, this is the fascination, this is what comes to their mind for 9/11. I find  this to be somewhat disturbing. Is this something that keeps a child awake at night? While we may have never told our kids about 9/11, is it enough to step over any references? I would think that if your child is drawing pictures of people jumping to their deaths, there should be some kind of parent/child reassuring discussion.

Behave yourselves tomorrow. Be safe wherever you go for the holiday. Stuff yourself (but don't cry to me about it later). I'll try to update tomorrow with contest rules and the pincushion you're playing for.

Enjoy your evening...McCalls Quilting is calling me.

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  1. It is a scary world that we live in today, and time has not made the world better as we would have hoped. I remember getting on the floor under my desk at school for the "bomb" warnings. I'm not sure kids fully understand the real threat of life and that may not be all bad.


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