Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm Sew Tired

Sadly, the machine sat idle all weekend. Too much going on. Ladies had Happy Night Friday, which caused me to be an extremely unmotivated camper most of Saturday, but we had friends over for dinner, so I had to snap out of it mid-afternoon and head to the grocery store and focus what little energy I had on culinary pursuits.

But while I was just pissing the afternoon away in the studio, I opened a box under my desk that contained some of my first blocks (Thangles BOMs)

But what totally threw me for a loop was that inside this box I also found

Five yards of this batik. Okay, FIVE YARDS! I can't recall ever buying five yards of anything, but what's even stranger is I also found

FIVE YARDS of this Kaffe Fassett Jungle Paisley print. BONUS!!!!!!! I'm looking at those blocks thinking, do I really want to use them with either of these fabrics? Do I even want to make a quilt out of those blocks, couldn't I find something WAY better to do with the Kaffe? You bet!

The hubs actually volunteered to pick up my small Drunkard's Path GO! die in Frederick on Saturday, since he had to drive right past there to go to the golf course. Saved me a trip, and also saved me from buying fabric to cut with the die. (not sure if that's really a good thing or not....thinking NOT!)

Of course, I did ring up the Christmas Goose Quilt Shop in Vegas and order two kits and patterns I had seen there back in August. Wallhangings that I'm going to use as table quilts. One is pumpkins, the other hearts. Pieced, not applique. Should be quick and easy. Looks like next week is going to be Christmas in the old mailbox.

Exhausted from the online shopping and the excitement of finding fabric I didn't know I had, today was another uneventful end to a weekend. I managed to vacuum and do a little carpet shampooing. Another trip to the grocery store for the ingredients for a crock pot soup (Alex Anderson's recipe in this months 'Quilt Life') and then, the horror....A TWO HOUR NAP!!!!! I must be getting sick. I have to be. I don't nap, I'm not usually this unmotivated, I'm not this slow.

My throat is feeling a little scratchy, come to think of it. Maybe I've caught something from one of the three rental cars I've been in this week (while mine is in the body shop -- don't ask!). Or maybe I accidently drank out of someone's wine/martini glass  (Lord knows, there's been ample opportunity for that to happen this week). Or maybe it's just been a long, taxing week.

All I know is I need to snap out of this and get some sewing done. Gee, maybe if I actually went to bed before 2 a.m. I might have a bit more energy. Think I'll give that a try tonight.

Reminder: October 1st is the start of Fall Giveaway. I'll be participating, so be sure to spread the word, and check back later this week to see what I'll be giving away.

I'm off to bed before I turn into a pumpkin (table quilts on the mind). Later gators!


  1. Perhaps it's something in the air? I've been feeling exactly the same for the last week.

  2. Take care of yourself, naps are good, so's chocolate!! It's that time of year I think.

  3. Oh, sometimes rest is the necessary thing. I hope you are feeling alright today.

    Now I'm off to find out more about the Fall giveaway. I'd like to participate since I'm nearing 200 posts and wanted to do a giveaway for that. :D


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