Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy Night

The 3-day weekend has begun. The neck still hurts, but I'm going to toss down a muscle relaxer and throw back a few glasses of wine with the ladies tonight and not worry about it (and don't you worry, Happy Night is 3 doors down the street, so it's an easy stagger home :) ).

Not going so well for the hubs....he stopped at the grocery store on his way home and came out and his car wouldn't start. Not as resourceful as I, he did try to jump it, but then he called me to rescue him during a walk home. There was a gas station about 80 feet from where he parked, but it didn't occur to him to pop in. That's okay, I called our friend who has an auto shop, called the insurance company to tow the car to him (his one shop is open tomorrow), and sent the hubs back out with a note, an envelope for the keys, and the address of the shop to tuck under the floor mat. And then I sent him to run the rest of my errands that I had to not do in order to pick him and his melting ice cream up on the way home from the store. Hopefully he'll be back up and running tomorrow. If not, we'll go borrow the company van from his office so I'm not stuck without a car on the 3-day weekend (ribbon outlet in Hagerstown is having a dynamite sale I need more ribbon????? Do the Polar Bears at the North Pole need more ice????)

Tomorrow is sew, sew frenzy day here at Chez Entwistle. My studio is calling, and the plan is to throw caution to the wind and all existing projects and knock out that purse. Check back tomorrow to see how I do.

In the meantime, can't blog without a photo, and I happened to download a few on to this laptop the other day, so let's see what we can find....

Ah, the Pirate ship used by the Sirens of the Caribbean in the Treasure Island nightly show. I had no idea how this was going to work as it was a blind shoot (so bright out, you can't see the screen on the digital camera).

One of the fabulous trees under construction at Ralph Jones Design.

Too cool. topiary 'toilet brush' trees with wrapped deer. Quite the different take on a woodland theme.

Okay, enough. I need to throw together some pulled pork mini barbecue sandwiches to haul up the street for Happy Night. Hope you get a chance to sew along with me this weekend. We can all be so productive.


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  1. Okay, this is the second time , you may get this twice...let me say something differnt...

    Ahhhh Ahhh... not good enough?

    Cant wait to see what comes out of your sewing room, don't drink so much that you cant enjoy the next day.


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