Friday, July 10, 2009

Missing in Action (sort of)

Furiously sewing every night and weekend, trying to finish things up before Hawaii, has left me with no time for blogging. And of course, as much as I've been working, I don't have a whole lot of completion to show for it yet. I was working on the 40" square 'stashbuster' applique/pieced weekly project from my online group, and I'm in the process of doing the quilting on it. Bad night last night, wound up ripping out more than I stitched. I guess I just wasn't feeling the freemotion last night. Hopefully tonight.

The plan is to take my machine in for a spa getaway tomorrow morning. I figure it's a good time since I really need to do some ironing, housework, and general running around before my trip, and I'll be gone a week, so it's a good time to not miss it. I'll be going through withdrawal by tomorrow night. I never did finish my daughter's quilt, and I'm afraid there's just too much quilting to do on it to finish it tonight. Oh well, fresh start on a clean and rested machine once I get back.

I can always work on some crafts Sunday. I've got some shell trees to make for my etsy shop before Christmas, and I really want to make the BeachWalker Santa, though I might be better inspired after having spent a week on a Waikiki beach (if I ever get any time off to get to the beach :) ).

I'll check in tomorrow or Sunday and post a photo of the only quilt I complete tonight, and any crafts I amuse myself with...unless you'd rather see a photo of the overflowing basket of ironing I need to get to before I leave.

Have a great Friday. Enjoy your weekend!

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