Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We Aren't in Kansas Anymore, Are We Toto?

That's right Dorothy, sadly we are in the office today. (and yes, those are snowmen that never got taken down last winter--I'm only here one day a week, not one of my priorities).

You've seen my studio, so since I'm here let me show you around my office. I work in the attic of a 100-year-old house that was converted to a few tiny offices with gabled ceilings and cool old wooden doors with interesting doorknobs. 

Even though I'm only here one day a week I do keep some toys around to make me feel at home. 

If I had room on my studio walls, this bad boy would go home with me where it might actually get used. 

Nothing special. Nothing remotely quilty either. But I'm only here on Wednesdays. I think my office mate is glad to have the place to himself the rest of the week. 

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