Monday, January 6, 2014

More 'Loose Guidelines'

As part of 2014's 'Loose Guidelines' for a Happy Life, I've also been thinking that it's time to start to deplete some of the stash I've been laying in, like a squirrel hoarding nuts.

Yes, I have a 'good deal' of fabric, but I'm sure there are lots of you that have WAY more fabric than I have (don't lie, I've seen your blogs). My problem is that with so much great fabric coming on the market every season, I can't keep up. I buy it with the best intentions, and it gets stashed here

And there

If it's not earmarked for one of those quilts I've seen in a magazine that I HAVE TO MAKE (note flagged pages)

it's stashed with a pattern in little baskets all over the studio, wherever I can find space--in this case hanging from a closet rod.

Let's not forget the projects that have already been started and pushed aside when I grew bored of them (some days I have the attention span of a 4-year old).

(Oooh....that's my Gylene Fitzgerald Pineapple quilt....I should finish that one!)

Taking a look around, I'm thinking that 2014 is a good year to finish up one or two projects already started, and to use some of my existing stash on one or two of those flagged magazine pages.

I'm sure I'll still manage to acquire some fabulous new fabric--after all, I do consider my stash as my fabric 401K (for my future retirement), --but I'm going to make a conscious effort to empty a couple of those cubbies under the cutting table this year to make room for some of those irresistible new fabrics coming out this year.

And I'm gonna start by emptying this box first...

Let's see how many 'preemie' quilts I can make out of these flannels for the local hospital's neonatal unit. Care to wager a guess?

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  1. Hmmm~ a dozen? Your stash is so beautifully organized~ it is fun to look at! I had to giggle about the squirrel comment though~ LOL I think a lot of us can say we do that too! ;-) Happy sewing!


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