Monday, April 8, 2013

The Case for Taking Notes (Or Why You Should't Drink and Sew)

So, now that I've finished (except for labels and sleeves), the quilts hanging in the show, I thought it would be a good time to go back to the project I abandoned for Vintage South African indigo quilt. This project has over 1200 pieces sewn into 81 blocks. There are 2 types of blocks...Shoo Fly blocks and connector blocks. Out of necessity (I didn't collect enough of any one fabric for background since at the time I was squirrelling away fabric for an indigo quilt I had no idea I'd be piecing it to death), I'm using 3 different  background fabrics and at least 3 dozen different indigo prints. When I do something, I go whole hog!

Yesterday was a beautiful day....the weekend was great. On Saturday I was able to get into both workshops I wanted to take at the upcoming Mid-Appalachian Quilters Seminar held in July, and after that I attended a new long-arm quilters group in the morning and learned much valuable information that I'll refer to when I one-day jump into long-arm quilting. I was able to try out an Innova and had invitations from other members to test-drive their Gammil's and AQS machines. (Like this indigo quilt, never let it be said that I do anything half-ass....I should have been a Girl Scout (or is it a Boy Scout?), because 'Be Prepared' is my life's motto.

On Sunday morning I finished and filed the taxes I started back in February (okay, so yes, I will always wear the crown for Queen of Procrastination). But come lunchtime, the weather was beautiful, I threw open the studio windows and decided that I needed to finish the 2 quilts I took classes for last July at MAQ so that I could bring them back this year and show them to Gyleen Fitzgerald (who taught both these classes).

As reigning  self-professed Obsessive-Compulsive Ambassador of Organization, I opened my pretty little storage box and pulled out all the pre-cut and stacked in block order pieces for the Shoo Fly blocks and began to sew. It was heavenly....breeze blowing through the open windows, bright sunny blue sky to gaze at through the window. Clean studio. Chain piecing. I was in the groove.

That is, until I finished those Shoo Fly blocks.

This is what is left in the box. These are the stacks of cut and laid out connector blocks. I need 40 of these total, and I had already stitched a half dozen of each background fabric. I started sewing and it dawns on me that, gee, that's a lot of blocks in that box. Way more than I need. Now I'm confused, why would I cut so many of those blocks...more of one pattern than the other. I went downstairs and fixed myself a Desert Pear Margarita.

Photo: Yum!

Then I tried to make some sense of the notes I took last summer.

And then I thought, Damn! Now I've got to put up the big design wall and lay these things out as I go along. Panic mode when I realize that I also now need to do some 'borders' on this that add to the Shoo Fly Blocks, and I can't find any leftover background fabric.

I think I need another....

Photo: Yum!
Fortunately I had the good sense to turn off the machine and turn my attention to Celebrity Apprentice. Yes, Celebrity Apprentice....I watch that show religiously, if only because Gary Busey is a contestant. I'll explain.... Last night they were designing an ad campaign for Trump's latest wife's cosmetic line. Here's a Busey quote from last night: “Melania is Mrs. Trump. Her beauty lives 5,000 miles past Heaven. Have you ever had your genitalia so excited that it spins like a ferris wheel in a carnival ride? That’s just how beautiful she is.”  Yes, he seriously said Busey-ism so far this season. You know Gary, I'd like to see that, and from the previews of next week's show where you are apparently pantless for a portion of it, I may get the chance. comment was made by The Donald in the Board Room on that gem. (Seriously, what could he possibly say?)  Anyway, I digress.
Back to quilting.  A few minutes ago, I went back into my box and counted my pieces again.
Guess what?
I've got exactly the number of blocks prepped that I need.
Oh, and I found the basket with the leftover background was in the basket with the pineapple quilt I started in the class last year.
Carry on!


  1. drinking and quilting don't mix for me either!

  2. I'm glad it all worked out and glad that you got distracted by Celebrity Apprentice! Gary is a hot mess!

  3. I'm glad you got your blocks sorted out. In fact that plus a couple of yummy looking drinks, plas that quote of the TV show must have made for a fantastic day.


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