Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beelzebub, Quick! Go Get the Ice Pick!

Because clearly, Hell has frozen over. (And the Sugar Zombie Elves are not happy.)

I JOINED A GYM TODAY (hysterical laughter).

And if that wasn't enough...the hubs wrote out 4 Christmas cards. In the 29 years we have been sending out cards, I cannot recall that he has ever wrote a card (though when confronted with this fact he will tell you  that back in Year 4, he's pretty sure he may have written one or two (hysterical laughter)). the 29 years we have been sending a Christmas card to his HS friend Rick, we have never received a card from Rick. Guess what came in the mail today?

I stood frozen in the kitchen, envelope in hand, waiting for the magnitude 9.4 tremors to begin....but they did there must be more surprises to come (like a Lexus with a big red bow on top in my driveway Christmas morning....or I wake up tomorrow morning and all the jeans in my drawer are a size 6 AND THEY ALL FIT (hysterical laughter).  Or, more likely, I actually go to the gym tomorrow (wink).

For the rest of the night I shall enjoy my tea,
in my great green room,

and place a few orders at various online fabric shops for

Quilting Treasures' Goodnight Moon fabric line. This is my first foray into 'investment fabric' (which is what I am calling this purchase for the hubs' benefit). I don't have a grandchild, but should we be blessed with one in the future, the quilt I would want to make would be with this fabric. This was one of our favorite books to read to our daughter.

Now, all I need is for Quilting Treasures to come out with fabric from our second favorite book and we can invest in a second future grandchild (I'm sure my daughter is thinking 'good thing there's only two books' on our favorites list)


  1. Oh my God, it is getting colder out!!! . . . .Congratulations on joining the gym.

  2. Congrats on the big step... Now, find a way to keep yourself motivated and stick with it!

    I have to admit every time I read (Hysterical Laughter) I couldn't help but to laugh out loud. I needed that this morning... Thanks!


  3. Oh, these are the most wonderful books! Our daughter actually gave me a small copy of The Runaway Bunny for my first Mothers Day as a grandmother. Love the fabric!

  4. I'm with Lis....hysterical laughter!


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