Monday, March 9, 2009

Buzzin' Along with the Baby Quilt

Well, I've been a busy bee this weekend. My neice had her baby this past week, so I thought what better way to spend Saturday than at Needles and Pins' fat quarter sale...if I make a quilt for the baby, I've got a perfectly good excuse to indulge.

6 flannel fat quarters, a Yellow Brick Road pattern, and an 'almost put my eye out--that'll teach me to wear my glasses' broken needle the end of Saturday night I had the top pieced.

Sunday I cut the border, sewed that on, cut and sewed the back and got the sandwich all pinned.

Unfortunately, there was a 38-car pile up on The Road Paved With Good Intentions, so it didn't get finished last night. Maybe tonight.

My daughter came home from Ikea yesterday with some black and white framed prints for her guestroom...."Remember Mom, the guestroom you are making the black and white quilt for", so I take it I need to jump back on that one as soon as this one is out of here.

We drove by her house yesterday and it's really coming along, so it's possible she actually has a guestroom for this quilt in the next month or so....I'd better get crackin'

Of course, the other 9 fat quarters I bought were Hoffman's new batiks, and of course, I did buy the Kiwiberry Bali Pop to go with them. I'm going to have to hide those in one of my new Ikea storage boxes--'out of sight, out of mind'--if I plan on getting anything else finished before starting something new.

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